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Engagement rings

Custom designed and made to measure engagement rings crafted by four generations of Rayar craftsmen.


Bespoke jeweller designers who craft your most beautiful and exquisite engagement rings.

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Jewellery that touches your heart, forever.


Create your own engagement ring

Rayar is proud to offer you this special piece of jewellery for your once in a lifetime moment. Do you have an idea for a custom-made design for your engagement ring?


All our engagement rings are made to measure, contact us to talk about what you are looking for. We start from your ideas to craft your personally designed engagement ring.


Create your unique ring together with the Rayar team.

Bespoke jewellery

Whether you are looking for a yellow golden ring, rose gold or white gold we are ready to hear and service your wishes. You Design, We Build. Just as this moment will be uniquely yours, your engagement ring can be created by you. Make it your own. Tell the Rayar team what you are looking for and together with our specialists we create your bespoke engagement ring.


What engagement ring style are you looking for? Are you thinking about a multi stone or a solitair? When you visit the Rayar engagement ring specialists you will not be disappointed. Do you like a stone shape baguette? Do you prefer a two colour gold engagement ring with diamonds? Everything is possible!


The Rayar engagement rings are all crafted by our jewellers in Antwerp by the most skilled jewelers in the world. You will love our selection, and if you prefer a more personalized option, create your own design.

Are you ready to take home a customized handmade Engagement Ring?

Engagement ring prices

Diamond rings and engagement rings can vary in price. Most golden rings with diamonds range between €2.000,- and €5.000,- While you might find an engagement ring below €1.000,- (offered by most big brands online) you will notice these rings mostly are made of the less pure gold, eg: 14 karat or even other materials like Platinum which is great if you are looking to shop for price. When you look for a solitaire with pure gold (24 karat) and especially your own design you will pay more but you can rest assured you have an unique engagement ring that is truly yours.

To give you peace of mind we offer you the best price on the market for solitaire diamonds as we are an active broker on the diamond stock exchange in Antwerp.

The most expensive engagement ring ever.

Did you know the most expensive engagement ring is Grace Kelly’s Cartier Engagement Ring? The estimated Cost (in 1956) was $4,060,000 in 1956 and if you take into consideration inflation today this would be over $38 million!

The white diamond in this ring is 10,47 carats (which is about 418 grams) and has an Emerald Cut.

photo source: Cartier

The story goes that Kelly was a lifelong fan of Cartier jewelry and was first introduced to the design house by director Alfred Hitchcock. Grace Kelly received the ring from Prince Rainier III of Monaco after a year of courtship.

The ring was fashioned from two family heirlooms, forming intertwining diamond and ruby circlets. Because this ring was part of Monaco’s crown jewels, Prince Rainier also gave Kelly a second engagement ring, one she could wear out.


Looking For Diamond Engagement Rings in Brussels, Antwerp or online?

D you think you need to go visit Antwerp as the diamond capital of Europe to buy engagement rings? Well, think again. The Rayar team moved from Antwerp to Brussels not so long ago to suit our international clientele best. We are still active on the diamond stock exchange in Antwerp so you can rest assured we can offer you the best price for your diamonds. We are in the heart of Europe and serve an international clientele of ex-pats, people working for the International Institutions, and of course the locals with great taste of fine jewellery


You can find some engagement rings in our online collection, and when you visit our jewelry shop on the Grand Sablon market you can browse through our stunning collection of uniquely crafted engagement rings. Shop engagement rings online and call the Rayar team with any questions you might have. The perfect diamond engagement ring is in our shop, visit us and be amazed.

What to look for in an engagement ring?

The ideal engagement ring is the jewel that uniquely communicates your personality flawlessly. Expert diamond craftsmen will tell you the perfect diamond contains the four C's:

  • Color

  • Clarity

  • Carat

  • Cut


Above features need to be considered when shopping for the perfect ring. Both quality and price are determined by this. We guarantee the details to be of the highest quality. Additionally, the diamonds used in your ring can come in a variety of shapes, for example:

  • Emerald cut

  • Princess cut

  • Oval cut

  • Round brilliant cut

  • Cushion cut

  • Pear cut

  • Heart cut

  • Marquise cut

  • Asscher cut

  • Radiant cut

Please visit our store to see all of them on display. All of our diamonds are certified through a number of our associates— the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the High Diamond Council (HRD), and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).


Diamond engagement rings

Engagement ring services

Enjoy the exquisite experience of shopping at Rayar. The experienced goldsmiths, jewelers, and diamond brokers are here to offer you a truly one of a kind engagement ring. We don't sell you an engagement ring, we deliver a longstanding service, we go further where others stop. Ask about our extended services, at Rayar customer service is our main mission. Repairing, resizing and cleaning, all is possible. We are here to service you.

Buy the Best Engagement Ring ever and get ready for your best day!

With Love,

Team Rayar,

Yosef & Ricky

We provide the highest level quality diamonds at the best price. The craftsmanship is guaranteed for years to come. Notice our diamonds always contain colour and clarity.


Most clients choose white diamonds because they are the clearest. Try them on once and you won't desire anything else. To give you an idea we provide the following diamonds:

  • 18-carat white

  • Yellow

  • Platinum

  • Rose gold

  • Colorless and near colorless

  • Slight, to very light to faint


The fluorescence the diamond produces depends on how the UV rays interact with each color. This changes the appearance and value.

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